Comtech now offers the world's smallest troposcatter- the Comtech COMET.™ Weighing less than 50lbs, it can be airline checked, automobile transported and carried into the field.

The World Leader in Modern Troposcatter Technology

Not only are we the world leader in Modern Troposcatter / Over- the-Horizon (OTH) Technology providing high-capacity, low-latency data links without the need for satellites or repeaters, we also offer tactical VSAT terminals, field logistics and support, cyber training and solid state drives for mission-critical solutions.

Applying Our Expertise

We solve the most complicated, mission-critical communications requirements with our breath of engineering knowledge in industries from Security and Defense to Aerospace, Telecom and Heavy Industry.

Technology Driven by Innovation

Whether you’re communicating just over the horizon or to the other side of the world, we’ll provide the precise systems engineering and technology solutions to best complete the task at hand.