Special Purpose Solid State Drives

The combination of the best commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology and proven military hardened design techniques adds up to the most rugged and durable solid-state disks available.

• Rugged Anodized Aluminum Case
• Rigid >1mm thick Printed Circuit Board mounted by 8 screws
• Underfill on all Ball Grid Arrays
• Industrial temperature SLC NAND Flash
• Secure Erase with Configurable Erase Pins
• Optional Conformal Coating and Gel-Fill
• High Reliability Tin-Lead Solder (SnPb63)

• Highest levels of Shock and Vibration resistance in the COTS industry, independently verified through Mil-STD-810 testing
• High data retention and write endurance over a wide temperature range to ensure your data is there when you need it
• Fast sanitization of confidential data with the ability to emulate legacy SSD drives
• Extreme moisture, shock and vibration resistance
• Long-term Reliability with no concern about “tin whiskers"

Comtech productions SSDs support PATA, mSATA, SlimSATA, SATA II/III, and PCIe interfaces to support customer requirements. Please contact us for custom interface requirements.

• Form factors supported in production SSDs are:
• 2.5” – fits standard 2.5 inch drive bay
• mSATA – utilizes mSATA socket typically located on motherboard,
• SlimSATA – utilizes standard SATA connector
• M.2 – utilizes M.2 socket typically located on motherboard

Various secure erase options are offered:
• Fast Erase (Security Erase Unit)
• DOD 5220.22-M
• DOD 5220.22- M Sup1
• NSA 130-2
• ARMY AR380-19
• Navy NAVSO P-5239-26
• Air Force AFSSI-5020
• NSA 9-12
• RCC-TG IRIG 106-07
Triton Series drives also offer Opal AES256 compliant disk encryption.

Comtech SSD drives are developed and independently tested to stringent criteria.
• High Altitude: Operation at 80,000 feet
• Mechanical Shock:
• Operation ─ 40G@ 11ms, 3x in 6 direction
• Fragility ─ 1,500G@ 0.5ms, 3x in 6 directions
• Random Vibration: Operating ─ 16Grms, 20Hz to 2KHz, 1 hour per axis, 3 axes
• Temperature Shock: -40°C to +85°C, 10 cycles
Additional Options:
• Silicone Gel Fill Polymer encapsulates PCB assembly to provide immersion resistance and resist mechanical shock and dynamic vibration.
• Conformal Coating ─ Thin film of silicone elastomer provides additional moisture resistance.
• Component Staking ─ Epoxy anchors components to increase resistance to shock and vibration.