Penetration Testing

Penetration tests help your organization measure the effectiveness of existing security controls. Our Red Team experts will evaluate your organization’s security controls, systems, and services and translate their assessment into customized actionable measures your organization can implement. The penetration testing process provides thorough insight into the various tactics and processes attackers may use when attempting to breach your organization and access critical assets. Our services include:

• Internal and External Network Penetration Testing
• Web and Mobile Application and API Testing
• Security Assessments
• Physical Penetration Tests
• Wireless Security Assessment and Penetration Test

We provide actionable reports that help you prioritize remediation by assessing the security risk to your organization. We strive to educate and prepare you to improve your signature posture, reduce risk, and enhance resilience. Other Vulnerability Services/Penetration Testing Services we provide include:

A primary purpose of a Red Team is to simulate an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). APTs involve multi-layered cyberattacks, with the aim of infiltrating an organization’s cyber systems, gaining an initial foothold, and establishing persistent access to assets, which is typically achieved through one or more Command & Control (C2) servers. Red Team simulations are long-term engagements, during which the team performs reconnaissance and information gathering against targeted company assets, to extract all valuable information and find the most efficient path to successfully hacking the system.

A phishing campaign is an email-based attack designed to provide an attacker with access to an organization’s assets. Hackers use phishing to obtain confidential information, including credit card data and login credentials, by mimicking a trusted party in an email. Based on phishing simulations, you will gain insight into the look and behavior of such common threats, for the purpose of increasing employee understanding and awareness.