Leadership Team

Michael Porcelain

Chief Executive Officer
and President

Michael Bondi

Chief Financial

Yelena Simonyuk


Marcus Alston

Chief Trade Compliance

Nancy Stallone

Treasurer and
Corporate Secretary

Michael Plourde

Vice President of Global Engineering and Programs

Jennie Reilly

Vice President
of Human Resources

Divisional Leadership Team

Terry Benson

President of Space Components and Antennas

Daniel Gizinski

President of Comtech Satellite Network Technologies, Inc. (a U.S. Corporation)

Kent Hellebust

President of Safety and Security Technologies

Michael Hrybenko

President of
Comtech PST Corp.

Pierre Plangger

President of Comtech Solacom Technologies

Doug Houston

President of
Comtech Systems, Inc.

Vagan Shakhgildian

President of Comtech Satellite Network Technologies Corp.
(a Canadian Corporation)

Keith Watanabe

GM of Space and Component Technology

Jay Whitehurst

President of
Location Technologies