Cyber Awareness

Your people are the front line of your organization’s cyber security. Learning the basics of cybersecurity should be fun, engaging, relatable, and most importantly, effective. Comtech’s security awareness video solution, CyberAware, keeps users engaged, increases learning effectiveness, and maximizes information retention. Realistic, one-to-two-minute, humor-driven scenarios heighten users’ ability to learn and remember important cyber security principles, keeping your organization CyberStronger.

New and constantly evolving threats require a new, up-to-date approach. We create relevant videos every month to keep up with the latest risks. A wide variety of topics are covered such as GDPR compliance, phishing, spyware, ransomware, shoulder surfing, password safety, email safety, software installs, malicious attachments and many more.

CyberStronger’s cyber awareness videos are effective because:
• The focus is on people- security awareness should be enjoyable. Using the “info-tainment” approach, short, story-driven training videos are approachable to everyone.
• Videos are effective and efficient- by keeping them to two minutes, the viewers stay engaged and consume more content.
• Security awareness is continuous- Organizations are constantly faced by cyber threats which are ever-changing. Keeping cybersecurity at the top of employees’ minds ensures it stays fresh, keeping them up-to-date on new risks.
• Feedback is key- Customers’ input constantly improves cyber awareness content and keeps it relevant. The CyberStronger team stays open-minded to everyone’s feedback.
• Real actors instead of animation- Professional actors create relatable stories. Reality-based stories make the messages clear to a wide variety of audiences.